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We NACK & Co. are focusing on doing our business for being a good bridge between brand holders, creators and owners, and Japanese makers on through cosmetics products (PB/OEM/ODM).  In addition, we will establish countless distribution lines of nice goods, furniture, stationery, supplement foods etc. on the earth. It can include trading convenience and useful goods for the people's satisfaction around the globe.








We are strongly interested in checking various types of exhibitions for your/our business and making 'countless' distribution lines across the globe. We look forward to meeting you anywhere and anytime to discuss for the fruitful future of both of us.

We would like to make lots of business distribution lines of material goods for our life across the globe. Our office is located in the local town in Japan but our markets are able to cover the globe for the customers' satisfaction. We continue to run our business. Business is fun. We are looking forward to meeting you to make mutual brilliant future. 

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Meeting and business talks can be held at a cafe around JR Shinjuku / Tokyo Station, Narita (NRT), Haneda (HND), Kansai (KIX) and Chubu (NGO-Centrair) airport, or at  your office located in Japan (in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka specially welcomed). If needed, we could go to your office outside Japan to discuss details. Talk online (zoom, skype etc) is also available (F2F(face to face) preferable) and feel free to ask us if you would like to have meeting time at the international airport such as Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu, Fukuoka , Sapporo and more, thank you. 

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