About Us & Message from CEO


NACK&Co. was established in the end of 2016. We have been running around 3 years. 

Our business motto is to make countless distribution lines of cosmetics, foods and  goods for the customers' smile. 

We are focusing on to be a 'Business Bridge' between Japan and outside Japan, and running our original business called 'cosmetics OEM' as a main and other relational export and import business.


We love our business and want to expand to not only ASEAN area but other areas. We hope that more people across the globe will know the fact, "cosmetics products made in Japan" have very high quality and useful for everyone. We are doing this business and enjoying our business life. Then, we also hope more people become happy using our products named "the fruit of dream". Our challenge will be continuing until achievement of our hope.


Thank you. 





                                Yutaka NAGANO

                               CEO, NACK&Co.


About Us
Stage Title : NACK & Co.

(NACK is in short of  "Nagano",  "Advanced",  "Cooperative" and "Knowledgeable")

(Co. is in short of "Companions")

CEO : Yutaka NAGANO  (Born in June 1965, Amagasaki City, Hyogo,  JAPAN) 

(LL.B. Japan (1988 Kansai University, Osaka Japan) and Credited Auditors, etc. Special Registered Students for financial accounting, audit, IT and business environment (2007 CSUEB, Calif. USA))

Establishment Date : December 1st, 2016
Office Address : 42-14-301, 2-chome Shukugawara, Tama-ku, Kawasaki City,

Kanagawa, 2140021 JAPAN
Tel : +81-(0)904-410-2301

E-mail : nack740consult@gmail.com

Paid in Capital: 500K JPY (4.5K USD)

Bank Account:
MIZUHO Bank Ltd. (Ogikubo Branch,  USD saving account

MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Shinjuku-dori Branch, USD/SGD saving account)

SHINSEI BANK, LTD. (Head Office, USD/EUR/AUD saving account)

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