Cosmetics PB/OEM/ODM 


Do you want to make cosmetic products with your own brand?

If yes, we are able to support you with Japanese technology and quality.  


Your first contact to us is the first step to distribute your cosmetic products to your destinations' market.  We can find lots of Japanese cosmetic makers satisfying your deep needs, skin care, hair care and other type of cosmetics. You might know there are over thousand cosmetics makers in Japan as a total. It's too tough for you to find a soul maker which can make cosmetic products just for you. So, we are able to find some suitable Japanese makers for your needs as your "agent". It's okay if you will assign a person being in familiar with cosmetics issues. We can assist you. Cosmetics OEM/ODM is not difficult for you with us.

 We recommend you will have a staff being familiar with pharmaceutical or cosmetics issues in your company. We can offer you another option in case of high price of Japanese products.  Please feel free to contact for details. 

Detailed process.

a. [Client] Contact us at first

b. [Client and NACK] Discuss what the Client want to sell in their country

c. [NACK] Search the Maker which can make suitable products for the Client

d. [NACK and Maker] Discuss the specification for the Client and we ask the Maker to make samples

e. [NACK] Send samples to the Client

f. [Client] Decide samples are good or not good for the Client

g. [Client] If good, confirm the specification and ingredients, and apply to the local authority to sell the products

h. [NACK] The Clients' application completed, send the estimation to the Client

i. [Client] If OK to our estimation, issue the Purchase Order and Pay all fee to manufacture shown in the estimation in advance

j. [NACK] All payment confirmed, issue the Purchase Order to the Maker

k. [Maker] Manufacture the products complying with details of the Purchase Order

l. [Maker] Notice completion of manufacture to us

m. [NACK] Notice and arrange the shipment vessel schedule to the Clients

n. [NACK] Make the export process and send the invoice to the Client

o. [Client] Receive the invoice (including packing documents) and make import process

p. [Client] Import and sell the products in their (or other) country (countries)

Our first asks to the Client(s).

a. Assign a staff who is familiar with local pharmaceutical or cosmetic regulations.

b. Advance payment with Japanese Yen (JPY), US Dollar (USD) and Singapore Dollar (SGD) can be accepted when will order. An exchange charge might be added to the amount shown in the quotation while payment currency is not JPY.

c. We have no product liability after the client began to sell the product in the Clients' destination country.

d. Clients are required to receive the end users' disclaimer or asks in your destination. 

e. Make an NDA, Operating Agreement and other relational contract each other in advance.

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