Translation Service

               (English / Japanese for foreigners)

Don't you feel it's too tough to make your presentation sheets for Japanese business persons?​

We can assist you about translation of your presentation and other documents into Japanese.

Japanese language is well known as one of the hardest language to understand its meanings including nuances you might know. Actually, Japanese language uses various characters, e.g. kanji(漢字), kata-kana(カタカナ), hira-kana(ひらかな) and alphabet.

If needed, we are able to make fully checked your presentation documents into Japanese after required discussion to meet your needs.

Our CEO has very characteristic career background e.g., not only cosmetics industry, but business planning, management and financial accounting, HR, General Affairs, IPO preparation and so on. In addition, he has his experience worked as back office service person for foreign capitalized start-up companies. We believe in serving you in several categories of works to expand your business in Japan market.

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